Thursday, February 3, 2011

January and February Art Calendar Pages

February is here and with it a new calendar page just waiting to be filled. I might have gone a teensy bit overboard... it looks like the art journal equivalent of Vegas *grin*

Click to see the pics in all their radiant, sparkling beauty

My girls decided to wear vinyl this month:

Even my guy is a little splashy with his jeweled flower and high contrast piping. 

Some corner detail, the wings got the glossy treatment too. Restraint wasn't the tone of the page:

I think the celebratory mood of birthday/birthday/birthday/anniversary/Valentine's Day got me a little carried away. 

On to the comparably restrained January~

Now that it's all filled out I absolutely love the size of the boxes. They're just perfect for jotting down a snippet about the day.

Yes, I have absolutely no idea what I did on January 3rd and 4th. My vision disturbances made typing near to impossible and without Twitter or Facebook I couldn't remember a bit about those days. See, it pays to write as you go.

I made the title by tacking down some ugly old alphabet stickers and then inking over top of them to change the tone a bit. Then I outlined the stickers with my Micron pen and peeled them off. The result is nicely understated; the letters stand out enough to be notice but don't take away too much from the background which was my favorite part.

I had all these travel and immigration themed acetate that I'd won in a prize box. Never knew what on earth to do with them. Then we got our citizenship this month and suddenly "immigration officer" was a great embellishment to have on hand.

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Juls said...

Loveley to see your January pages all filled out!! Loving the vagas theme of your feb pages, love the hot pink, the girls and all the bling, BRILLIANT!!!!! Hugs Juls

chksngr said...

beautiful! I never thought about an "art calendar" What an amazing idea!

Sandra Hall said...

February looks delightfully 'saucy'! hehehe and what a great idea to use up the acetate/stickers along the bottom of your January page - cool!

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, fabulous pages! Ah yes, February does looks very saucy!! I also forget what I have done on a particular day if I don't write it down straight away. For me, the 9th January is covered in ????! Really enjoyed seeing your pages - thanks for joining in the challenge x

Eileen Bergen said...

What do your boys think of the February page? lol.

Your calendar pages are terrific - definitely not boring as many calendars can be.

Faerielore said...

Love your january page all filled in, it looks fab and how gorgeous is your feb page, love bombshells so much xxx

Poppit said...

Ooh la la! That's one eye catching Feb Page!! :-) Love your finished January page - looks fabulous.

Margaret said...

Love your calender! wow! Feb is super cool, every gal needs a bit of glam! M

She said...

Wow! What fantastic pages. S x