Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pets Wearing Hats etc.

My youngest is a very creative child and I truly never know what he's going to do next. When our dog came home from the vet after being put under general anesthetic to have his teeth cleaned he as so dopey he barely moved. Brayden thought this was the perfect time to make the dog a hat. LOL

Poor Bubby, he was so sedated.

Not wanting Echo (the gecko) to feel left out, he made a matching hat for her too.

That kid steals my heart everyday. Here he is wearing his new Sevenly shirt. This one supports End7 which is giving people anti-parasite pills to save their lives. Here's a quote:

"All it takes is a packet of pills that costs 50¢ to treat and protect one child against all 7 diseases. You can give this necessary medical treatment to 14 children today, keeping them disease free for an entire year!"

The sticker on his iPod says, "World Change is how I roll". 

So true of this boy.

In amusing news, I sewed my art quilt to my sewing machine. Yeah... did you catch that? I sewed to TO MY SEWING MACHINE! Seriously? Who does that? Uhm... me.

Other good things in my life...



Beans and Rice

And a very blue bird

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