Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Little Step: Art Journal Page

Lately I've been going through my art journal and finishing off any started-but-abandoned pages. Looking at them I realize that I tend to take the whole thing a little too seriously at times. Like it has to be awesome or not at all. So, I'm working on those less-than-awesome pages and accepting them for what they are; usually an experiment of some kind where I'm trying a new technique, color scheme or style.

On this page I was collaging with a fairly rigid color scheme (pink and cream), colors I don't use all that much, and I used large gold mica flakes for the first time. They are really terrific but not something you control all that much. This made me crazy. I really wanted to dig around in the adhesive with a paper piercer and organize the flakes in a pleasing way. Control freak much?

And while in the end there was a whole, whole lot going on here, I kinda love it.

(click to see this full sized )

Anyone recognize this banner? It is silicone that fell off a homemade two-step stamp I made a few years back. I hated to waste it, so I Mod Podged it onto the page and then painted over it and highlighted the design with pink. It's fun to touch :-)

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