Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Neon Pink Painted Canvas Tote

So... our new house is under construction due to some very unexpected major issues. 

It has made unpacking tricky to say the least. 

But, as I was opening boxes and seeing what's what I found a huge bin of fabric paint and some white duck cloth. 


Within a few hours that white fabric had an extreme makeover. 

Since I need a tote as we've been doing all our errands by foot, I got to it.

What do you think?

As it is my first bag, I'm pretty happy with it. And we ran errands with it and it was super-comfy and held loads of heavy things without a hitch. Yay!


Gill said...

Nicole this is fabulous - I love it!!

Lisa - papergrace said...

That's awesome, Nicole! Boo on the construction, but YAY that you still found a creative outlet and one that is soooo totally you. It's beautiful AND functional. Perfect!

Dagmar said...

oh wow - it´s a dream and i love it so much!!!!

Maggi said...

Oooooo it's awesome, I would stuff it with yarn. lol Hope your house is fixed up soon!

Marianne C said...

Gorgeous...new project list ..must try. Thanks for the great inspiration.