Sunday, February 1, 2015

Simple Health Week Five: Printable

Welcome to Week Five of the Simple Health Challenge. 

I can honestly say that this challenge is really changing the way I think about food and what I eat. 

I was feeling really sick all week and I focused on water and whole foods. Veggies and most of my "quality food" spots were easy to fill as I made big pots of yummy soup absolutely loaded with fresh vegetables. But the fruit... didn't get a single piece. I don't count cranberry juice. But if I had, then I ate one fruit per day. 

What has been really clear to me after logging my foods this way for a month is how low quality food edges out room in your stomach - and palate - for higher quality foods. If you have a bagel for breakfast, you just don't have room or the desire for a piece of fruit, handful of nuts or some yogurt. 

My goal continues to be to turn that around, keep myself fueled with high quality foods and not leave room or desire for poorer choices. 

This weeks printable:

This week's challenge, in addition to having one small adventure, is to aim for one 'perfect' day where you fill in all the boxes. 

Last week our family managed our small adventure but I was too ill to do the OBB squats and push-ups challenge. 

Good luck this week!

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