Monday, March 23, 2015

Flowers and Rainbows

I think this might be the most spring-colored thing I've ever painted. By a wide margin.

But instead of freaking myself out entirely, I popped in a bunch of neon, a bit of yellow and made rainbow. Which might be my favorite color.

Here's my steps:

Base Layer:

2nd Layer:

Blocking out the flower:

Add in some neon pink... dots and details

Finish off with more paint and some stenciling.

Thanks for visiting :)


Darcy UK said...

aww this is so happy, I love the simple layers and blending.

Carmen said...

Was going to say the exact same thing as Darcy :) Such a happy flower - made me smile!

Penny said...

So, so cool! Love everything about this wonderful design! :^)
Hugs, Penny