Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year's Eve everyone.

I hope you have a fun and safe evening. We don't celebrate New Year's Eve - too many years spent moving January first conditioned us to ring in the new year bright and early so we don't stay up late.

Chris bought me three months of HBO for Christmas - just in time for Big Love Season Three - so we'll be watching TV tonight and catching up on episodes we missed.

The lovely Emily was diva at the scrap-room for the month of December and her challenge was to do a vintage LO. It was to include a number of things including metal, lace or fabric etc.

Here's mine:


itsallrosi said...

We don't do anything New Years either. Well, I'm trying a new recipe tonite but thats about it.

So excited for Big Love! If they're still showing reruns of True Blood you should check that out, too.

Tuna can chairs - wow!

CathyR said...

Lovely layout.

We don't do much for New Year's Eve either. We stay home and eat our favorite appetizers and watch TV.

Laura is right, check out True Blood.

Unknown said...

Hey there! Happy New Year! I redid my blog a lil and added you to my Veggin' Out section...I've beenusing that Blog Follow thing and you are on my list too but I follow a LOT of blogs and wanted to have a Veg Section so You and Lindsay are on there!!! Hope your internet is back up to par soon! Happy 2009! Looking forward to more crafty and veg*n posts!