Friday, September 21, 2012

Shelves & Jars Two Ways

I loved Junelle's mason jar project posted on Christy Tomlinson's blog yesterday so much I decided to try making one myself. I was careful to just glance at the picture once and close the window as I wanted to be "inspired by" not out right follow along step by step.

In the end, we're talking jars on shelves so there's going to be a lot of similarity. But, being me, I wasn't content  just making one. I decided to make a Halloween themed canvas as well. 

Both canvases measure 8x10x3/4

To me, nothing says 'abundance' like a full pantry. And if that pantry is filled with the bounty of summer all the better. I wanted to take the jar idea a bit farther so I filled mine with the things that make me feel exceedingly blessed - like good health, play and rest.

This one was a fun, seasonal different take on the theme.

It was a hoot making potion bottles and using up all the cute bibs and bobs I had in my stash to make them spooky.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this project interpreted two ways. I'm itching to make a Christmas one, or a shelf filled with little house... the possibilities are endless.