Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nosegays or Tussies

I took some time off from stressing about my endlessly breaking appliances and made some nosegays (or tussies depending on what era you're from) which I think will be adorable gift card holders or perfect neighbor gifts when filled with chocolates or other treats.
My appliances hate me. Last week our dishwasher broke and our fridge door shelf broke. We fixed the dishwasher and are waiting on the shelf to come in when we had a mini-flood in our kitchen. I opened the cupboard under the sink and saw this:

Um… not good. So this morning a plumber was re-piping our sink (sorry, I don't know plumbing vernacular well enough to say that correctly) while insulation dudes were spraying insulation in our attic, while my kids were homeschooling and my work-from-home husband with a co-worker who flew in from CO and was working from our home tried to do a video conference call, in my dining room, to Buenos Aires. Are you sensing the frantic nature of  my life.  Did I mention that all the while my dog, sensing we were under attack, was barking and crying like a banshee? 

Okay, back to nosegays… and peaceful Christmas cheer :-)

Can you believe they start with plastic dollar store Christmas trees? 

This is another project from SPARK your Christmas and I can see using it for many holidays beyond Christmas, can you just imagine how cute they'd be for Valentine's Day or Easter?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Recycled Canvas: Deer Head

We had a spot in our house that needed a little Christmas cheer but I didn't want to spend money on another Made in China decoration. So I found a painting that I really wasn't happy with and used it as my base for a Christmas canvas. 

Here's the original canvas, yes, it could be finished into something cool, but it would take a ton of work.

Since the deer trend is still going strong, and everyone has a tutorial for it, I'm not really sure if it's worth sharing another, or for that matter who to credit other than, well, everyone + Pinterest.  But I will give thanks to the most recent tutorials I've enjoyed and been inspired by. Thanks to Margie (see my last post with those other deer heads I made) and to Lolly Jane.

Here's how I did mine:

I made a huge buck head stencil and mask with an image I found online. I used my projector because there is no way I could free hand this and a giant sheet of bristol paper. Now I have a giant deer head stencil. I can see spray painting this on everything!

Use wash tape to secure the head to the canvas and trace around it. I have better luck tracing masks rather than stencils but it's up to you.

Add washi tape to mask off stripes.

Using a smaller brush, paint around the outline where the black stripes will be. You always want to paint away from the tape not towards it. 

Fill in the black lines with a larger brush. Since the background is so fun I didn't do a 'perfect' job painting the black lines. If the nooks and crannies stayed unpainted it was okay by me. I also didn't refill my brush towards the outside edges so it would have more background showing through.

This step was unnecessary but I wanted to get a sense of the deer head so I painted it with white acrylic. Since I was going to be painting it with blue acrylic I didn't really need to do this.
FWIW, it still looks pretty crazy.

Paint the head (not the antlers) blue. 
The white paint was still wet and it created a lot of nice variation in the color.

Add in some darker (ultramarine) blue to the left side, defining the shape a bit.

Then I blended in some light teal paint to bring the two colors into harmony.

There was a lot of blue paint leftover on my craft mat so I grabbed some tags and a stencil and used up the paint. I know they'll come in handy.

I brushed Mod Podge, somewhat haphazardly on the antlers and sprinkled them with champagne colored glitter.

Then I covered the colored stripes with a thin layer of gesso applied with a makeup sponge. I chose gesso instead of paint as it allowed the background to show through but to be toned down a lot creating a more cohesive and less jarring piece.

Then I rubbed off some of the black paint with a baby wipe to expose little sections of the background.

Here's pic with me so you can see how big the canvas is

And here it is above our door

I really love adding homemade decorations to our Christmas stash. This will be fun to pull out year after year.

Before and After:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crafting Christmas Decor

I've been crafting up a storm for Margie's SPARK Your Holidays class. It was so awesome and a great value. She really packs her classes with content and next to no filler. I love that lady!

This is my Junque Garland. So much color! 

And I made these deer heads on top of some backgrounds I'd made last month.

Here's how it looks all together:

And here's the garland being used on the table I set up for a local craft fair:

We also made these adorable table top trees: 

Here it is (in daylight), gracing my side table in our front room.

Have you been crafting your holiday decor?

Monday, December 2, 2013

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I have oodles of beaded spoons for sale, 

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