Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun at the Utah State Fair

Full Disclosure: Last night my dinner consisted of two cobs of roasted corn and one and a half candied apples (one red, 1/2 a cinnamon). This can only mean one thing - Fair Time!

Yeah... that was sort of piggy of me, but compared to the chocolate covered deep-fried bacon eaters, I don't feel so bad.

Uh... ew!

Please avert your eyes if tooting your own horn is offensive to you but...


But they didn't like this one:

(Which is totally okay because I love it)

We all had an awesome time! The kids ate and rode rides and ate some more. 

And Chris and I hung around the corn booth. LOL. J/K

We also got our Psycho Brayden with flash picture. What is this you ask? Every year I go to take a picture of B when he's finally tired enough to sit down and eat and he looks like a psycho in a nasty with-flash picture. See:

Don't believe me? Here's last years:

Okay, I'm sure I've bored you all plenty. Thanks for looking at my fair pics. I'm already excited about going again next year :-)


Carmen said...

Chocolate covered bacon??? Ew!

WOW - definitely love seeing some self tootage going on - brilliant - well done on all those lovely ribbons :P

Looks like a fab day out was had all round :)

Kathi said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats on all those blue and red ribbons. Totally deserved!

Mim Smith Faro said...

Looks like fun! Congratulations on the ribbons!

Mel R said...

Looks fun! We did the fair thing last weekend. Congrats on the ribbons!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

The pictures crack me up!

Hayden wants to enter the baking contests at our fair next year :D His look SO much better than the ones we saw featured this year. Can't wait until next summer so he can show off his skilz.

Amy said...

I just want to say I really ♥ your red hair..and once I ate a krispy kreme burger, but never chocolate covered fried bacon...but the lemonade looks really good..:-)

madebymegs said...

Congrats on the ribbons as you totally deserve them!! I saw a show with Bobby Flay and on it was chocolate covered bacon....I guess it is really good; something about the saltiness of the bacon mixed with the chocolate. Go on an adventure next year...try the bacon, I bet you might surprise yourself :)

Bec said...

Congrats on all your ribbons! Just think of the 4th place one as a way to make your wins patriotic ;)