Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Life Pages 2/6-2/13

Here are my pages for Project Life 2/6-2/13. Did you see that I used one of my quilted ATCs as a page embellishment?

I didn't journal as there really wasn't much to say. Sure, I could have typed on a cute card that we all had the flu and stayed home all week but I don't want my PL to end up as a record of the unending string of illness we've been having. That's not fun.

It was my birthday so I made a full page birthday LO. It was fun to use pink - not a lot of pink in my life. I'm still keeping this very simple. As soon as I start thinking "artsy" or " this would be really awesome if I just..." I end up setting it aside and getting behind. I like using it as a 'pretty photo album' with notes and bits of our daily life. 

And that's not stressful at all.
Do any of you include full scrapbook pages in your PL projects?
I like it, I miss scrapbooking.

Rolled roses... will these things ever go away? LOL. 
They're just so cute and easy, I couldn't help myself.

This page LO is one of my favorites. I love the eight 3x3 pics and the big 6x12 space in the middle. It just seems so full of promise and possibility.

My goal for my PL is to include more things like the books we're reading, our menus, the TV shows we're into. Now that our birthday/anniversary/birthday/birthday season is over I think I'll be able to fit it in better.


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

These are gorgeous! So girly and pretty! I am not brave enough for Project Life.

Maggi said...

Great layout, love that you added the ATC!

Happy birthday to you! :D