Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bombshell Stamps Blog Hop

The Bombshell Stamps August Hump Day Hop theme is "Let's Hear it for the Boys." We were free to interpret this however we like, and all I can really say is that I pretty much assure you that you will be singing that oh-so-popular 80's song from Deniece Williams for the next week. 

You're welcome :)

I decided to try the sketch... 
Now you know my interpretation of sketches can be a little loose.  But the elements are all there, I promise. The scallops, the circle in a square, the line down the left... it just all went to Funky Town.  

I decided what's more 80's than neon so out came the cool neon variegated thread that I JUST. HAD.TO. HAVE!!!!
OMIGOD! Can you imagine if they made hyper-color thread?

Or hyper-color NEON thread...

*head explodes*

It was a great chance to use one of my very favorite stamps in the whole wide world, Senora Muertas.
 Now go visit the other girls :)

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GlitteryKatie said...


Stempelientje said...

As usual Nicole: A true piece of art!!

Alex said...

First- LOVE!!! Second, needed the sentiment, thank you, truly. Third, they DO make hyper colored thread, at least crochet thread. I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if it is still on the market someplace :)

Sparkly Engineer said...

You are so the queen of mixed media! This is an epic win as my kiddos would say

Kathi said...

Now I have "Funky Town" in my head, but at least it got rid of "Let's hear it for the boys". :D

This is beyond fabulous. I love how you you made the sketch your own, how you colored the image, love the bright colors, and love the mixture of textures and patterns.

In sum -- LOVE!!!

Kim said...

Wow this is so gorgeous!!! I love how you interpreted the theme, the colors are stunning and so totally 80's. Great quote, and Senora Muertas is one of my favorite stamp sets too. I love this!

Alison said...

I think your take on this challenge was brilliant! I love your sentiment, your take on the sketch, and all of the beautiful colors and mediums you have used. I am SO happy you played along with us for this hop. And now, Funky Town is in my head and i need to rummage through my mom's house to find my old Hyper Color Shirts.Maybe I can at least find my Freezie Freakies gloves???

Laura B said...

Incredibly gorgeous work! Love the colors, love the stitching, love everything about it.:)

Sudha said...

Wow its pretty cool. Love the bright colors too.