Monday, August 13, 2012

Dribs and Drabs

I thought I'd write a little of this, a little of that post.

My diet: is going well. I was wondering if I had the balls to put REAL numbers on my pictures but I decided it's a disservice to women everywhere not to. Seriously! I'm tired of seeing articles saying gorgeous, tall, big-boned, boob & booty-ful celebrities are 125 lbs. It's just not true.

(I had said a whole paragraph of other things but realized it may not have been read with the level of kindness and humor intended. No body snark here so I deleted... but let's just leave it at that I have LOTS of opinions.)

Anyhoo... My goal is 136. *sigh* Still a long ways to go.

Health: Sucks. And that's all I have to say about that.

Kids: Wow! Am I one blessed mama or what? My eldest knew I was going through a rough patch so he arranged for me to go back to David Estes Studio to pick up the painting I wanted so desperately. He bought me a painting!!! I can hardly believe his generosity. That was close to a whole month's tutoring wages. He's such a kind, lovable kid and his level of consideration puts me to shame. How he managed to think up (and execute) the perfect gift just blows me away.

Sorry the pictures aren't fantastic. It's in a stairway and I was trying to block the bright sun with my body while taking the picture at an angle without glare. No small task :-)

My Etsy: Has been thriving. I am happily swamped with custom orders and my originals and prints are flying out the door to homes all over the world. I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming and completely unexpected response to my work. A thousand times thank you! My latest print in the shop is this one:

Food: I'm in love with this chili recipe. Seriously. In Love.

And we've made every zucchini dish known to man lately as I've finally - after 39 years - managed to keep a plant alive. These zucchini tots are delicious!

Also made:
The dish that everyone insist it's incredible yet no one eats it. Hmmm.

Fire- roasted salsa. I can't make this fast enough, my family eats jars of it every week. I'd call that a good problem :)

Thanks for the visit!
Warmly, Nicole


Kim said...

I'm happy that you posted numbers- I am on a health and weight loss journey also and have a similar goal of 140 even though the charts say I should be 115-125. You are looking amazing! Good vibes for the rest of your journey-and I am not surprised your artwork is flying out of the shop- every piece I see is amazing :)

Carmen said...

When I was on my weightloss kick I posted numbers too and every time I cringed at what people would think but like you say, it helps people to know and see and it helped me to see even when I couldn't see any noticeable change in the mirror. I have to say though Nicole you loook gorgeous and healthy in every one of those pictures.

I'm going to have to get back on it when bubba arrives, I'm praying at least a stone comes off straight away - am at my all time heaviest ever, ever.

What a gorgeous gift from a gorgeous boy. Doesn't it just make your heart swell?

And I agree with Kim, I'm not at all surprised your Etsy is doing so well, believe me - you will have another customer in me when all spare pennies aren't spent on the girls holiday activities and getting baby bits ready x x (9 weeks to go! EEEEK!)

Erin McInnes said...

Gratz on the weight loss! Me... I seem to be regaining what I lost. Again. Grrr :( Probably because I'm a sucker for salsa and inappropriate delivery systems. That salsa looks delish. Recipe??? I promise to put it on eggs and stuff and refrain from the tortilla chips.