Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never apologize for who you are

 And now for a proper introduction of this pretty Modern Girl

I really love the background on this one.  

She's surrounded in an absolute riot of color - a lot of it was spray painted on top of layers of paint and pattered paper.

 It gives it a really modern, urban vibe.



Mary G. said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE the colors and the background on this one!!!!! You are SO talented!!

MaryC1959 said...

Do not put this on Etsy! This one is MINE. Email me how much and I'll paypal you.

donna!ee said...

beautiful modern girls indeed. AND there is something totally vividly vibrant about your backgrounds! thank you much for sharing ;D

Sparkly Engineer said...

Your mixed media art just blows me away. It's so outrageously beautiful and so full of feeling

Carmen said...

Laughing here at Mary's comment :D Can see why though - another beauty :)

SmilynStef said...

Absolutely awesome.