Monday, April 22, 2013


Sorry my posts have been somewhat infrequent.

We've been doing this:

Because we were moving.  

I gave away half our stuff and packed up everything else into boxes.


So, we looked at all the missing furniture/stuff and decided it was a really good time to fix up the place.

We needed to repair things

because our builder was an ass and did a very crap job of just about everything. 

There was  A LOT to fix. 

Specifically vast, extensive, (expensive) drywall issues.

 And the ceiling. 

And the niche was sinking, backwards. 
Like it was trying to slink away. Bastard.


And it was time to replace the floor...

New floor = Pretty

New floors require  new base boards.

And Plinth Blocks. I love Plinth blocks. Saying "plinth" is fun!

Try it :-)

And now the painting has begun.

Look at our boatload of paint! 
Like... a metric boatload which is much, much worse than an imperial one.

I keep hearing rumors about how nice it's going to be once it's all complete. 

I don't believe them.


Dunx said...

It seems your plinths have come.

So, the moving/not moving thing was around Chris's job change I assume? I'm glad you didn't have to move, but good job on making the best of the situation!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

1 - the floor looks fab

2 - you did move it seems, just without changing your address. still have to unpack and everything

Jennifer White said...

I love your witty post! Sounds just about like me~ if only I had a milliliter of your gusto. I felt for a moment I could go on with some witty banter about the metric and imperial systems them realized we have both heard them all. Plus well I have a fever and mabee only I think it's funny......
I love your floors, by the way!

flowersandhome said...

It looks fabulous already! Love the plinths, funny to pronounce in English indeed, in Dutch it's 'plinten' not at all as interesting to say ;-)
A lot of fixing up going on here as well. And a bit the same story, a lot of crappy work was done years ago. We won't be able to fix everything, like the floor for instance, so ugly but just impossible to break it all out now while still living here, we'd have to move first, and that isn't an option. We're not ready yet for painting though, there's still a lot of sanding and eating dust first....

Carmen said...

Sorry Nicole that the builders were such cowboys - but you have made me chuckle with this post - especially the bit about the niche!

Hey - it was a good excuse to de-clutter right? AND I have to say it looks like you have a gorgeous spacious (without any furniture in) airy home to not move from :D

CathyR said...

Your new floor looks amazing. Your witty,post made me smile. Enjoy your "new" home!

Mel said...

The new floor is so pretty. It's funny because our house in CO had the very SAME living room wall, some upper cutout, fireplace, and tv niche...wonder if we had the same builder.

Bonnie Irvine said...

Oh my goodness...your post made me laugh...probably because misery loves company as well as the fact that your humour is hilarious. Gorgeous floor in the end and a chance to shop for new stuff. Win/win. And yes, plinth is fun to say and I will likely be saying it all day so my husband thanks you, I'm sure :)