Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Handmade Canvas Watercolor Art Journal

Remember all that canvas I painted, cut up and made Prayer Flags with? Well, I found it when I was unpacking and since it's been a few months, I declared that project abandoned and decided to use the pieces willy-nilly to make some journals.

How many notepads, art journals, smash books, diaries etc. do you have going at once? I have about a zillion. Seriously. Because sometimes I want marker paper and sometimes I want watercolor. One book is for drawing, one painting, some are tall and skinny, others are HUGE (like 18x24 huge), one is square... it's endless. So I needed to make a bunch of journals each with specific paper needs. This one is watercolor.

I sewed a velcro clasp to help it stay closed once it's stuffed with mixed-media goodness.

Inside Cover:

I added in some paper scraps so each page had a little tag like Donna Downey's journals. I'll let you know if I like the extra little bit of space, texture and visual interest.

Inside Back Cover:

I made a pocket for holding my beloved Faber Castell Aquarelles


It was a fun project and I liked that I kept it simple. To be honest, I was considering stamping, doodling, being all crazy but there's something appealing to me about how basic and uncluttered it is. 

It's just a little hint to what you'll find inside.

Sorry I've been quiet lately. It's just been a really hard time. And now Father's Day is coming. My husband and I both lost our Dads this year (4 months for me, six months for him) and it feels so weird and sad not having them anymore. If you are missing someone this year please consider this a big hug from me. It's a terrible thing to say goodbye to family.


Dagmar said...

Wow it's fantastic and i like it so much!

Salla said...

That must be so sad. I'm sending a big hug your way!

Your canvas covers are really beautiful and what a superb idea to sew your own journals, with the pocket and all!

Susan King said...

I have about 20 journals on the go - and for the same reasons you do. Finally I found someone who understands. LOL This is a beautiful project - thanks for sharing it!

Carmen said...

Ditto here about all the sketchpads. Craig laughs at me when I don't just do it all in one. But it has to be separated. I know what's where that's the main ting. Yours is gorgeous - love the idea of the velcro.

Sending you a big hug back Nicole. Over the past 6 years we've lost my Mum, my Nan, My Uncle, our doggy and Craig's Dad. (I haven't deliberately put Craig's Dad last that's just the order we said goodbye) It changes the whole dynamic of the family. What gives us a little boost is seeing how much of those people are in our kids - their mannerisms etc. Even my two youngest, who never got to meet my Mum or Craig's Dad - have so much of their ways in them - even down to their smiles. I bet your boys are the same. Big hugs x x

Darcy said...

Very cool, I love having little extra pages and quirky flaps/tabs between bigger pages. Genius having space for your pencils too.

I have at least 10 journals on the go lol

Kathi said...

My heart goes out to both you and your husband.

It's almost two years for me and I still think about my Dad every day, but even more so in June since it's his birthday and Father's Day.

I love your journal. I especially love the flap for your watercolor pencils. Great repurposing of the prayer flags.