Monday, June 24, 2013

Voodoo Man Mixed Media Canvas

During this year's season finale of Grimm we met a zombie raising vow-doo man. I love the iconic, inspiring imagery. 

From Grimm:

Here's the villain from Disney's Princess and the Frog:

And this picture was too amazing to pass up.

So I took a crack at my own Shadow Man.

I started with an old canvas and gessoed over the previous picture. While the gesso was wet I etched words and marks into it. You can see the water-reactive colors coming through and tinting the gesso. Yummy!

Once dry, I spray painted the whole thing. Lately I've really enjoyed painting a background entirely and then blocking out sections with a solid color until the picture emerges.

 A few close ups:

It's the first time I've tried flowers and I'm hooked. You'll be seeing more of these.

Here's how that texture worked out. I love etching into wet gesso. 
It creates so much visual interest.
The playing cards might be my favorite part :-)

My husband took this canvas and hung it in his office as soon as it was dry. What a sweet compliment !

Thanks so much for stopping by. 



Samantha Read said...

Gorgeous Nicole! The funkiest skeleton I've ever seen :)

Kathi said...

I still can't believe the cliffhanger ending of this season of Grimm!

Your Voodoo Cracker Man is a great homage to the show. I absolutely totally love everything about it, but maybe especially his face, hat, and the playing cards. The flowers are pretty fabulous too.

Yeah. So I love it!

Carmen said...

This one made me smile. I don't blame hubby one iota!

Love all the step by steps! Thanks Nicole - I only just recently discovered that bit about colours coming through Gesso - happy accident.

I've still yet to see Grimm. Argggh. Hurry up and come to the UK already!