Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Academy Awards Free Printable Puzzle

It's Oscar Sunday in a mere five days are you excited?

I can hardly stand it. I've been busy preparing for the event - 

Spray painting Ken Dolls:

Dismantling trophies (see the base)

Pinning like mad:

And making loads of glorious puzzles for the slow spots, ads, long speeches etc. 
Like this rebus:

or this one:

Where was the 82nd (2010) awards held.

I wanted to make something to share with all of you, so here is a printable of my 2014 Awards Presenters Anagram Puzzle. 

And of course any post about readying for Oscar must mention How About Orange's awesome Bingo Cards.

Do you make a big fuss for the Academy Awards?
Do you have a pearls and pajamas type of party or go all the way and roll out the red carpet?


Hazel Agnew said...

Sprayed Ken doll made me laugh out loud. No good me joining in as no idea who anyone is. Sent you Facebook message thanking you for my fabulous mail art. Hope you saw it. Going to put my Beatles envelope into my DLP xx

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