Friday, June 27, 2014

Cardboard Stained Glass Window Upcycle

My husband works from home and his office has a cut out space above the door. While I'm sure it serves some unknowable purpose as a design element in an otherwise unremarkable hallway, it is not conducive to privacy in the least. He has video meetings so our options were to be quiet during work hours, be inconsiderate, or fill up that space.

Here is a pic of the hallway so you have a visual.

I looked into ways to fill the space - stained glass, a window... but they all cost a ton of money. 
When you've just bought a new home, a pile of money is not exactly on hand. But what I did have was a pile of cardboard; and to this industrious crafter, it was sort of the same thing.

So I painted and stenciled, mod-podged, spray-painted and doodled.


And once it was a big, ole mess of colorful jubilance I blocked out my cathedral windows with a Payne's Gray sort of color. Did you know to make the best grays you mix equal parts black and primary blue and then add white to the color you are looking for. It's so rich and lovely. I go through scads of it. 

I love arched windows. Seriously. I could stare at them forever. 

Cardboard is a terrific sound barrier (especially as there is a piece on each side) and it adds a glorious pop of color in that long, dark hallway.

The way the moulding frames the art really works for me.

Here are some close ups of the office side. I went  little more organic with the 'leading' and I adore it!

The office is still a cherry tomato red. It's certainly a vivacious color but it leans garish. 

Here's a IRL pic - with the paint swatch on the wall, the mess. Reality. 

The art really holds it's own in the space and gives his office that little touch of art it needs.

One more quick shot. Top is the hall way side, bottom is the office side. 


Hazel Agnew said...

Wow, so cute. Darling little windows. You would never notice the window until you highlighted it. Love it Nicole, so clever. Xx

Gill said...

This is fabulous Nicole!

My name is Erika. said...

Your arches do look great in that little transom windowless space. I love the colors that really pop with your wall colors.

Godelieve said...


Carmen said...

Oh it looks fantastic! Great idea... But of course now I'm curious about as all that art lining the hallway... ;-)

Mel said...

So clever, creative, and beautiful!

Lucas Logan said...

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allmixedup art said...

Aweseome! I love the wonderful things that come from paint and a little creativity...