Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mixed Media Daisy Canvas

I've been painting over old canvases again. Some of these are starting to crack and tear from age but a little gesso and some book paper is just the thing to make repairs. 

This time the book paper came from a very, very old completely beyond repair copy of Harry Potter we had lying around. At one point at the height of Potter Mania I think we had three copies of each book. This one had been well-loved to the point of destruction. 

The funny thing is that as I was cutting and gluing down the circles I started reading and was a solid chapter through before I realized I'd quit crafting. Now that's the sign of a great book!

For this I tried Golden fluid acrylics for the first time. I only bought neon pink as I thought even if I hate the stuff, it's a color I'll use up. It's awesome. I can't believe something so thin and ... well... fluid, covers so well. The opacity over darker colors is really impressive.

I had to leave it to dry overnight though as the open time is long.

Thanks so much for visiting. 



Dagmar said...

It's so beautiful - like sunflowers in the summergarden!

Corrie Herriman said...

Wonderful Nicole !
Corrie x

Amzad Hossin said...

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