Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lipstick Hand Carved Stamp Set and Cards

(click on the pic to see the details)

A lipstick stamp sounded like a fun thing to carve and making into components for both the outline and the fill was a cinch. Basically all you need to do it transfer your drawing to your rubber twice and for one carve the outline and the other the lipstick, tube and neck. Since the fill pieces are a little smaller than the outline there was more than enough room to cut them apart. 

Now I can't stop making cards with this adorable stamp.

Clean and Simple

Busy, fun and festive.

Look at all that splatter and sparkle!

Somewhere in between. A little glamour, a little graphic.

Another clean and simple with a slightly different palette.

Yep. Totally smitten with this stamp. 


Penny said...

Another fabulous stamp, and the four cards you created with it are just darling! Love all the sentiments and CAS designs! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Sandra Lopez said...

This is the cutest stamp ever, and I'm getting ready to copy the heck out of it. Mwah!