Sunday, January 11, 2015

Simple Health Challenge Week Two

Welcome to Week Two of the Simple Health Challenge. You can read more about it on last week's post HERE. As promised, each week has a new printable chart to fill in as you eat and move and complete the challenges.

You can start any time so please, jump in and join me. 

There are a few minor changes. The stars (bonus food) are now earned for no screens after 9:00 PM and no eating after 8:00 PM. 

Also, a second challenge was added to the week:

Under react to problems. 

Lets see how that goes :)

Last week I ate more fruits and veggies than the entire month of December and I made sure to go for walks even on my rest days. Overall I consider it a huge success even though I didn't have a single 'perfect' day.

My philosophy is to never make the same mistake twice. So if I came up short on veggies on Wednesday I had to get the vegetables on Thursday but missing something else would be okay. 

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