Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Simple Health Week Four: Printable

So sorry this is late. We've been out of town for the past eight days and I'd imagined I'd have time to take care of blogging and such while away. Instead, I barely touched my computer and had tons of fun soaking up the Southern Florida sunshine.

Bus Tour


We spent loads of time making new friends and getting to know Florida culture. It was amazing.


As you can see, I abandoned trying to track my foods pretty early in the week. But I did make a point to order whole-ish foods when possible and to add a simple smoothie (not one of those juice and sherbet extravaganzas) to each day. I also misplaced my markers. LOL.

So, new(ish) week. Time to get back at it. In the real world, every meal doesn't come with craft beer.

The last two weeks of, "under reacting to problems' has been absolutely life changing. I'm making it a goal for the foreseeable future.

As for that step goal... slaughtered it! I clocked 17K-21K of steps per day. In dressy shoes no less. To quote my Grandpa, "my dogs are barking!"

This week's challenges are:

 One small adventure (zoo, hiking, museum etc.)
 Do the OBB Squats and Push-Ups challenge 4x this week

Let me know if you're joining me this week. 

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