Friday, January 29, 2016

Quilted Coffee Sleeves

Coffee Sleeves... I think I've made a billion of them. LOL.
I'm that lady who sees a friend reach for the cardboard ones and says, "oh no dear." and slides a pretty one onto their cup.

And it's not really entirely for environmental reasons - although that's a huge perk - it's because they are soft and beautiful.

Coffee is pretty much the greatest plant based item on the planet (yes, I'm suggesting it's better than chocolate) and I want to make it as pleasing as possible. 

So at home that means my favorite mug and out in the wild I need a pretty sleeve. Otherwise where's the artistry? The sense of occasion? The celebration?

But, My husband was NOT loving the sleeve I always put on his cup when we're out together.  This probably had something it do with the fact I'd made it a zillion years ago with this fabric pack:

He requested one that, "was more metal".  His words, not mine. So I made a trigonometry and skulls 'more metal' one. What do you think?



If I was any sort of blogger I would have procured a coffee cup to show the sleeve properly but that would have cut into my crafting time and you know how I feel about that.

Plus my readers have GREAT imaginations.

 As this is a very old, long-standing sewing project I won't rehash the instructions. I do use Insul-Bright  instead of batting inside mine as it's terrific at keeping the heat in my cup.

And I've used this pattern as long as I can remember but you can also trace a cardboard sleeve and add a seam allowance.

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