Friday, April 15, 2016

QAYG Trivets

 I love monochromatic projects so when I saw an absolutely adorable tutorial for QAYG trivets on S.O.T.A.K Homemade I got right at it.

It was terrifically fun to take a chunk out of my scrap pile and sorting things by color is just as engaging  now as it was in preschool.

Each hot pad is about 10.5 inches square and they are padded with Insul-brite so they are heat proof.

Now that I've made a purple and green one, I can't wait to get going on gray, yellow, orange and blue.

Have you been sewing? What have you made lately.

1 comment:

noora said...

Heyyy, these are absolutely lovely! Very good way to use all the smallest "waste".