Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Queen of the Night Sky

Lately I've been practicing ideas in my sketchbook and then trying them again on watercolor paper or canvas. This is a big change for me as I always fear I'll never be able to repeat something I've done.

While I like the sketchbook drawing, I'm bothered by a few details:

1. The thick brown lines in her hair
2. The crayon lines in her dress and how the middle lacks texture
3. How the crown is sitting on her head - looks like it's sliding right off.
4. The handwriting was an afterthought and it's irregular.

Here is the new and improved version on thick watercolor paper:

Repeating your work is a great way to get better and to take another crack at those trouble spots. It's also a terrific refresher on how my supplies react to different substrates. For example, my watercolor markers that I use practically everyday don't exactly rock on canvas.

Here's a close-up of her dress detail.

And a side-by-side comparison. Click to see it up close.


Becca Cruger said...

Saw this in my reader feed and had to click through to tell you how mesmerizing I thought it was! It was great to see your creative process. Gorgeous work!

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