Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pincushion Fun AKA: I am an idiot

This really isn't a sewing blog. Honestly, I'm a paper crafter - I swear it! All this finishing up things though has led me to my fabric stash more than my pretty papers of  late. I'll resume regular programming ASAP. Promise :-)

Right Side Close Up

So... I made a pin cushion. In part, it's to remind me not to be such an idiot.

My dear sweet Mom-in-law sent me some straight pins way back when. Since they were making a long and harrowing trek from Canada she tucked them snuggly in a tupperware container and sent them on their merry way. And this is where they've stayed, save for when being called into action, ever since.

Remember when I spoke of the dangers of sewing? Turns out, it's not so perilous for most folks. Just newbies like me, who lack common sense.

Imagine this, I'm pinning a dish mat so I set the fabric where it needs to be and then reach into plastic container where a couple hundred pins lay higgledy-piggledy waiting to prick, pounce and impale. Some find their way under my nails, others pierce my fingertips - I dread it. Really I do.

To make matters worse, after a few injuries I get so gun shy that I select a few friendly looking pins and leave them out on the table to spare my sore fingers. One careless maneuver and the stray pins get swept onto the carpet, into my scraps or into my folded fabric... which leads to more pricks... and let's face it, a few bad words.

Left Side Close Up

Now I've seen all sorts of pin cushions and I dismissed them as decorative... like cupcakes just not near so tasty. Then a few nights ago, as I pulled a turquoise headed tyrant from my nail bed I thought to myself, wouldn't it be awesome to have a nice squishy dedicated place to put these nasty things.

*lightbulb moment*

Pin Cushion

So I made a pin cushion. This one features Michael Miller Hedgehog fabric that I bought at Fat Quarter Shop and is from the book  I Love Patchwork: 21 Irresistible Zakka Projects to Sew by Rashida Coleman

I Love Patchwork: 21 Irresistible Zakka Projects to Sew

This book is awesome! I'd say it's geared towards fearless newbies to intermediate sewists... but what do I know, I didn't even figure out the genius of a pin cushion until now. 


The winner of my finishing week prize is:


Let me know what colors you like and I'll pop a RAK in the mail for you.

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Unknown said...

Woo-Hoo! A prize for finishing my projects! The kitchen is cherry cabinets, Tuscan brown tile, and builder beige walls. We all know the color, we can call it wheat field or toasted biscuit...but it's builder beige :D

I have a few color pops with cream and green and terracotta. Not much, though. Need to get to the kitchen eventually!

Vanessa Hewell said...

That is adorable! Great job. I need to get that book so I can make one too.

Danielle Leal said...

Great idea!!! And its definitely eye pleasing!!

Cate Brickell said...

love your pin cushion! I, too, have the same problem with pins (and am also a relatively new sewer), so I made a pin cushion from an old tin can... of course, now my issue is that it is lots of fun for the little kids to push the pins all the way in, so my pin cushion usually resembles a big lump with coloured dots on it! yours is nice and shallow, to avoid temptation!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

But do tell where you got that terrific little dish. Is it just an appetizer plate? It's just perfect. Your fabrics are darling too.

Karie said...

How cute. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Charmaine said...

I love this! What a simple brilliant idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shanny said...

I LOVE THAT PINCUSHION... and I love love love the fabric too.

Great job!

Carmen said...

Excuse me while I wait for the shudders at the mental imagery of impaled nail beds to stop...


That is one of the best pin cushions I have seen to date! I adore it! I'm going to go check out that book now as well.

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

great pincushion! Love the button spot in the center!

MJ said...

Hihi, the bf has one of these dishes to paint with, I dont think he'd want me to use it for my pins! But then again, I have a teacup ;)

Mary C. said...

TOTALLY AWESOME way to use up scraps. I can see what you were talking about and now I have to run out and buy a bunch of these trays...I am thinking gifts that are super cute and super fast.