Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Index Cards

I got a little behind photographing these so please excuse the 'bulk' post.

for "dictionary" prompt. 

On this one I attempted to blend in my magazine picture (the pear) so it didn't look like I just glued it down. I think I did an adequate job but still have room to improve. I love my dictionary stamp - I use it ALL the time.

Here are some of Avery's recent cards.

The top one is "pen testing" and the bottom was "draw your camera". He made the interesting choice of drawing the back of the camera with the viewfinder instead of the more commonly recognized front. I really like how that boy thinks.

These are Brayden's, continuing his series of Eetr drawings.

The center one was an attempt to practice proportion. If you click on it to see it bigger you can see the backs of the chairs, the podium, bricks behind it and the "Diggy Flag". I really love this boy!

Trenton is still using his cards to really solidify Java concepts in his mind. But I noticed, snuck in amongst all that code and mumbo-jumbo, was a sad face about missing his Dad. *melt*

And this was my take on the prompt "fish"

I colored it with copies and then went over the lines with Sakura Souffle pens for some delicious looking color and texture. The darker lines are raised, shony and smooth like embossing. It's a great effect.

Then I cut around the bottom half to the fish and mounted the top on a new index card so the bottom comes off the page. it looks like the fish is swimming out of the card IRL.

You can see it a bit better in this close-up.


Anonymous said...

These are all fabulous - love the ones your sons did! The fish is just incredible!

CathyR said...

Awesome cards. I love that the boys are using them to work out new things. Where did you get the dictionary stamp?

Jackie said...

Wow, great coloring on that fish!

Leah said...

I love that ICAD is a family affair. The cards are great. Pear looks wonderful on the page and the fish made me look twice coming off that paper!

Carmen said...

Aw , your boys are just as amazing as their Mum. Is that the boy form of journalling I wonder...

Loving seeing these Nicole, all fabulous! May have to look out for that dictionary stamp myself!

Snap said...

Great cards. I'm in love with the koi! I think it is so great that ICAD is a family affair! Summer fun! Love that dictionary stamp.

Terrie said...

Holy moly, what a great fish! And how cool that your boys are joining in, creating to fit their interests. All very cool cards.

Maggie said...

These are great! Love the pear, thought you had painted it on a real dictionary page! Love that brilliant fish also. Glad the boys are still playing along.

Summer Daniels said...
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