Monday, November 26, 2012

Spray Paint in my Art Journal

The last few days I've been cutting my own stencils from file folders. It's so easy, I just cut the manila folder to fit through the printer, print some clip art, letters or numbers and cut it out with a craft knife. Did I mention how budget friendly this is? 

I was testing my new stencils with spray paint in my water color paper pad and ended up with this.


It's far too close to an interesting art journal page to let it just languish there, unembellished and unloved, so I decided to play a little. 
Here's the result:

Some of my favorite parts of this page is that I glued down rough circles of the paper towel I'd been cleaning my brushes off onto. It has such nice texture.

This is a new stamp called Lefty that I got from Texana Designs. Love it!

These circles make me happy. If you come over to my house, odds are good that you'll see a TP roll covered in paint near where I sit. I'm a big fan of imperfect circles. And neon.

And here's the page again in different light. You can really see all that magnificent orange paint.

TIP: I use the "Marking Paint" spray paint from Home Depot. It's really, really neon and it sprays great when inverted. You have to watch it though as it has a really strong spray. But at under five bucks I'm more than willing to work with that one small drawback.


Sarah said...

great page! I love the way you pulled it all together with overlapping elements and shadows. And that neon orange is glorious :)

Candy C said...

Nicole...your art journal page is awesome. I love all of the bright colors and how you've managed to overlap so many different things. The numbers look very cool. I love your toilet paper circles! :) They make me happy, too! Your little hearts give nice balance to your very cool design. Thanks for sharing your work with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

Susan said...

I really love this idea! What a great way to use what you have for some really cool elements on your pages.

Unknown said...

I love it! I've been making my own stencils, as well. Unfortunately my printer is broken so I've been using my stash of scrapbook paper to trace and its working great. I love the 'imperfect' quality I get that way.

And I am totally into the toilet paper rolls. I have them all over my art desk!

Great page.

Leah said...

Wow, I really love how this page came together. Great instincts; awesome work! I'm gonna have to try some TP circles. Maybe on my next journal page. :)

Libby Hickson said...

This is awesome, and I love see Lefty, the little Texana skull, already used on a project! Fab!!

Linda Kunsman said...

Fantastic page!!! Love how it was completed! Thanks for sharing at AJED.

Teddi said...

i find this art page so dynamic! i feel the dimension. :)

Unknown said...

I love all the dimension you achieved on this page. It looks so 3D! Beautiful work and congratulations!

Maura said...

Whoa...this takes me right back to the psychedelic 60's! What fun! Congrats over at SSS!