Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Daily Drawing ChallengePart Three: Drawings 21-31

I did all 31 days of drawing in January!

Some were good, some not so good, some downright embarrassing but the habit was WONDERFUL and the practice really pushed my skills forward. So, hooray!

Now I'm going through my book and am art journaling over the pages I am not fond of. It's a terrific way to already have personal marks and writing to my art journal pages from the very base layer. 

I think doing this challenge in my mixed-media journal is turning out to be a stroke of genius ;-)

(Don't mind this one, I was sick in bed with the stomach flu. Not exactly conducive to steady hands, creativity or giving a damn.)

1 comment:

Maggi said...

That's a neat idea, to just AJ over the pages you don't care for, lol. I love these drawings!