Friday, May 29, 2009

A Few Good Things

I have a lot of fun news to report.

My Making Memories finally arrived in the mail and there I am on page 68. Yikes. While having my LO in the mag is totally cool I cringed a little when it was one featuring my old mug right there front and center. LOL. I was a little surprised about the journalling as I was asked to include it all and the thrust of the article was to be "new beginnings- overcoming adversity" but none of the text was printed. It was a great issue this month and I'll be sad to see Memory Makers go.

A little while back Split Coast Stampers hosted a Vegas Themed Stamp Night. I was thrilled to be chosen for VSN Honors and receive one of the high roller distinctions for my Something Blue card. The talent over there is off the charts. I am incredibly honored to be chosen. If you haven't joined Split Coast Stampers I highly recommend checking them out. They have scrapbooking too :-)

and speaking of Bombshells...

I've been asked to be a full-time Bombshell Girl and I accepted. I think my love for Shannon's images is pretty well-known and continuing to work with Bombshell Stamps is an amazing opportunity for me. So expect to see a lot more Bombshell love in the future.

I finally tried out digital stamps last night. I decided to give the Bollywood set by Sandra Dry a whirl. It is a big challenge coloring open line art and I have a lot of room to grow in my skills. That said, I thought the images were decent enough to make into a note card set - what do you think? Hair is KILLER! You just have a general hair shape and have to draw in all the texture and sections yourself. Yikes!


Marie Levite said...

Whoa!! Holy congratulations!! I'm disappointed that mine hasn't arrived yet. Will check it out as soon as it come. Have a great weekend.

Laura O'Donnell said...

wow, its raining toots over here! and well deserved!

Kathi said...

Congrats on the Bombshell Gig and on the award at SCS. Your card rocked!

I am soooo excited and thrilled to be working with you on another team!

That Bollywood set is great. I love that image.

CathyR said...

Nicole you rock!

I'm going to have to get a copy of Memory Makers to see you layout.

Congrats on being a Bombshell Girl. I love what you do with those stamps.

The Bollywood cards look great. The hair and the shading look wonderful.

Claudette said...

Congrats on all your accomplishment.....fantastic job on Bollywood

Beth Norman said...

Congratulations on being published. How exciting!! Your cards are really awesome. Very creative idea.

fchild313 said...

OMG what an awesome month for you! Congrats!!!!! Love the bollywood cards.