Friday, May 1, 2009

What's For Dinner

So... do you guys like my food posts or are they boring to the average omnivore? I am asked so often what we eat that posting about it seems natural. Please let me know.

What did we eat for dinner? Before I tell you let me pass on a rule we have in our house.

If you cook something new (aka WEIRD) then you must provide dessert or something really, really good in case it's a disaster and everyone hates it and subsequently starves.

Since I was roasting all the sad-looking veggies in our fridge I realized I need to pair them with a sure thing; in this case, a huge pan of roasted potatoes. Who doesn't like glorified hashbrowns/french fries? And even though fresh snipped rosemary classed them up, I allowed ketchup and ranch so it wasn't scary at all. This is what I made:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts:

Roasted Cauliflower:

Chickpea Cutlets with a "not beef" shallot and red wine gravy I invented. It was darn good. In fact I'd bathe in it if I could.

Do you ever feel like your efforts as chief cook and bottle washer are unappreciated? I have in the past - especially when everyone just eats, offering no "thank you" or even, "this is good". No one really cared about the hours I put in at the stove - SLAVING - and at times that got to me. Since I've started taking pictures of some of our meals I've felt very validated. Everyone elses work gets rewarded and recorded, now mine is too. Plus, if I pull out the camera attitudes shift to, "look at the special thing mom did for us." Which is a heck of a lot better than, "Where's the grub?"


Laura said...

Well, you know that I so love these posts! :) Mmmm... those roasted veggies look so delicious!

MaryC said...

Is there any left? I can be there in about 9 hours.
Seriously, tell me the roasting secret. When I roast veggies, they never look that good.

CathyR said...

I love your food posts. It all looks so yummy. Have you tried roasting asparagus? It is really good too, a little olive oil and salt is all it needs.

Claudette said...

I love roasted veggie's.....well something I can eat at your house...LOL, the rest ......eck!

Godelieve said...

Looks delicious!!

Linsey said...

so true, so true!! :) This meal looks lovely and sounds delish! It's wonderful that you've found some validation in your neverending efforts to maintain house, home and family. I love cooking and visually attractive food is even more fun!--this is very inspiring, Nicole, tfs!:)

grrlpup said...

I like the food posts! Even though I'm currently omnivorous, I'm trying to make most of my new recipe and food idea acquisitions vegan, to tilt the balance a little. Also, your recipes are usually just right for me in terms of complexity-- inspiring, but not too fancy-dancy for quick family dinners. Rock on!

Kristen Hermanny said...

Here's one for you, blanch some green been and set them aside. Toss some shallots, and portobello mushrooms in some oil and pan fry them, when nearly done toss in the green beens until warm.

When ready to serve i put crumbled feta cheese in with it, but you could use pine nuts or a cheese substitute I think? Maybe tofu crumbles??? It is really good.

I just bought a bunch of salts from different areas and one is elder wood smoked salt, and it lends a real interesting flair to food.

I love your recipes! And ideas for cooking.

J Kingsbury said...

I love this post! And can so relate to our tribe's lack of appreciation for the wonderful food we produce. Hint! Going on strike for a day or two, or taking a vacation without them makes them worship the kitchen slave in a hurry. Only lasts a couple of days though :-(

I didn't find any links to recipes, which was upsetting 'cause I really want your recipe for the gravy, your veggie roasting method and any of your other recipes I can get my hands on.