Monday, November 2, 2009

The Best Gift of All

My teeny, tiny, sick little baby is now a robust, rowdy twelve year old!

All Avery wanted for his birthday was to be 60 inches. Since last year he's had us measure him often so that when his birthday rolled around this year he'd be tall enough to drive the adult go-karts. Last week he was still stalled at 59 inches. We hoped, we prayed, we watered and fed him - nothing. On Saturday we went to the Go-Kart place and measured him, still a ghastly 59 inches. Avery spent Sunday processing the fact that he'd have to ride along as a passenger on his birthday. He was disappointed but pleasant about it.

This afternoon it was finally time to buy our ride bracelets and the attendant asked Avery to stand by the ruler and he was a solid 60 inches - in fact, he was a noticeable bit over. He grew over night. I think that inch was his favorite present.

Avery and I made penguin cupcakes. I think there is a time to be "perfect" and a time to have fun. Baking with your kids is a time for giggles and goofing around - not a cover-worthy end result.

We decided to follow our recipe rule and make one batch according to the instructions:

And then make the rest however we like. What we like is crazy, mutant, monster cupcakes. Cute ones!

Cyclops, Mohawk, Pox, Twitter and Crazy Eyes:

Here he is with the flock:


Carmen said...

What a fantastic birthday present :D I love cakes and yes I definitely love the mutant penguins the most :P

MaryC said...

Happy Birthday, Avery!!!
And congratulations on being 60 inches tall.
The cupcakes are awesome. I love the crazy ones. Too cute.

GlitteryKatie said...


CathyR said...

Awesome cupcakes Avery! Congratulations on growing that inch overnight.

Kathi said...

Oh man. Those penguin cupcakes freakin' rock my world. I'm a penguin-loving, penguin collecting, penguin fanatic.

Too bad I can't bake very well, nor can I afford to eat it (fighting roundness).

Happy Birthday Avery!

Bombshell Stamps said...

That last scary penguin picture is awesome! What wonderful cupcake creations!!! You're so creative in whatever you do ;)

Anonymous said...

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Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

The flock cracks me up just looking at them! And how fantastic is it that he made it over the 60 inch line!?!