Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to those who are celebrating. Hope you had a wonderful feast yesterday and are enjoying additional family time if your employer is generous enough to provide it.

Chris is working today. But we packed in a whole weekend's worth of family time yesterday so it's sort of like having two weekends this week - not bad at all.

We ate overly well. A hot, rich apple crisp for breakfast after a brisk walk in our mountainous neighborhood. Baked Potato and Greens (kale) soup with rolls for lunch.

After lunch we made acorns. We haven't done these since the boys were tiny but they were still a lot of fun. All you do is frost the top third of a donut hole with chocolate icing, peanut butter - anything sticky. Then you roll the tops in toffee bits (like Heath baking pieces or you can smash your own Heath or Skor bar). Next, break a piece off a pretzel and stick it in the top for a stem. The kids could make these when they were toddlers, in fact, Brayden was amazed at how small they are as he remembers them being fist sized. So cute!

After the acorns we goofed around. My back ended up being way, way too sore to make Thanksgiving dinner (which just killed me!) so we all made do with pie, punch, pomegranates and leftovers. The kids loved it and Chris had a mock salisbury steak on a roll with gravy and mashed potatoes so "leftovers" wasn't too large a hardship. Tonight *crosses fingers* we'll have the intended meal.

Brayden asked me to show him how to thread a needle on Wednesday. He took off with my scrap bag and returned with this:

In case you're wondering, it's a Hippocamp from Greek mythology. He is one cool kid. Since that picture he's redone a bunch of seams and added a bit more stuffing. Avery was so inspired by Brayden's creation he asked Brayden to show him how to sew and now he's up to something too. What was interesting is Brayden sewed and then turned the piece right side out and stuffed it.

I had no idea he remembered the little bit of sewing I've done in his presence. Proves children learn what they live. Scary :-)


Maggi said...

What a fun time, I love what Brayden made! Those acorns are such a great idea!

Jenn said...

loving those acorns!

Joyce said...

Glad you guys had fun. Happy happies.

GlitteryKatie said...

That's a cool toy- creative boys like their Momma!!