Monday, November 9, 2009


Not. I'm the Queen of Not lately.

Not blogging.
Not creating.
Not participating.
Not answering emails.
Not contributing.
Not submitting.

I'd worry that I'm depressed, but it's not that. The bare basics - homeschool, home cooking, discipline and housework (HA!) take up every second of my day. Making lunch doesn't sound like a big deal, but when walking across the room takes four times as long and often leads to falls and or more meds ... I kind of have to triple my time estimates on every single thing. It's making me crazy.

What I am doing is readying our family to manage without me. I've been preparing my sweetheart for the rigors of a more active parenting role and am trying to standardize my "dash-of-this", "glug-of-that" recipes into something you can follow and then run Chris through making them so he knows what pots to use and where to find stuff. I've filled out homeschool forms, lesson plans, worked on making everything I can run as smoothly while I'm out as is reasonable to expect. No fun.

Now the postponement of my surgery feels less like a stay of execution and more like torturous waiting. Last week I was thrilled to not have it hanging over my head. This week - not so much. Just get it over with, please.

In other news:

* My FIL is in the hospital. He had another stroke or two last Thursday and we've been terrified that we're going to lose him. Dad is the sweetest, funniest guy in the family and the thought of life without him is too big to work through. Fortunately he's stable and might even get to go home in the next few days. Yay, Dad!

* T is signed up to write the SAT on December 5th. I've moved his school around to accommodate test prep and he got 72% on the online test he wrote this morning. It was the english section though - math will probably be a whole different story. 72% at 13 gives me great hope for him doing well when he's old enough that the test matters.

* I need to have a very scary coccyx injection before we schedule surgery. I'm calling about it as soon as I post this. I'm terrified. Hitting the bone during the nerve root block was one helluva nasty experience. I'm guessing punching right through the bone will be worse. Ick. Ugh. *faints*

* Bubby is tumor free and his surgery went really well. He's wearing the cone of shame until his stitches are out. Poor stupid creature. He keeps getting his head caught on things and then he decides those parts of the house are scary and he won't go there again. I had to make a trail of corn pops to help him realize he can go to his mat for food and water. He's such a wimp. The first day after surgery he'd cry if you didn't have your arm or hand in the cone so he could rest his head on a person. Since that isn't convenient for hours at a time I worked with him to get over it. First he laid on the cone with my leg underneath so it was warm, then we put his favorite blanket in it, now he's fine. It's going to be a long two weeks *grin*

* My MRI at the University Hospital was wonderful. They use Pandora so I could listen to great music, the blankets were soft, the staff friendly. I couldn't have asked for more. It makes me feel a lot better about having surgery there. To top it off, the hospital smelled like pancakes. I KNOW! Usually hospitals have that scary smell; pancakes are a huge improvement.

* I was one of the runners-up for the Crafty Chica Shrine Challenge. Woo-hoo! Making our Day of the Dead ofrenda was such a great experience. I'm mentally planning remembrance pieces for our other relatives who have passed on.


Carmen said...

It exhausts me just reading this post - how you do it day in, day out I'll never know.

Thinking of you this end - hope it all goes well. Hugs to you all and congratulations on your Day of the Dead shrine, very well deserved.

MaryC said...

Hugs, hugs and more hugs. Sending prayers your way.
Blessings, girlfriend.

Tiff said...

You are such an inspirational woman, reading your posts makes me feel humbled. You're truly a phoenix rising up through the ash in my book...CONGRATS on your shrine!!!! YOU ROCK :)

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Do you get to have your icky shot at the pancake hospital? At least there would be that...

Kathi said...

Tiff is brilliant and summed up my thoughts exactly.

So, ditto Tiff.

Bombshell Stamps said...

Nicole, I believe "it's also possible if you wrestled a rhino with your bare hands, you'd win." You know it's true ;)

Darsana said...

Hang in there it will be over and better before you know it. You have to go through the tough, draining, tiring times to appreciate the simple, fun times that much more. Sounds like you are doing great. Good luck with your shot, and best wishes for your FIL.