Friday, February 12, 2010

D is for Dad

We decided to celebrate Chris today. Besides be an all around top-notch wonder-man for the past fifteen years he's done the job of both mom and dad the last few weeks as I've been recuperating. I wanted to do something nice for him but needed to keep it within my energy and our budget.

The boys and I agree that all good celebrations begin with banners. Not the lovely, crafty, pennant style banners that are all the rage. The butcher paper let-the-boys-free-with-markers kind of banners. The ones I love.

My kiddos made this:

And yes, that is a monster E that craves Food, Blood and Fleash (flesh) LOL.

We made him Nanaimo Bars (a Canadian Speciality) and bought him Bioshock 2, as Bioshock was his favorite game ever.

But the best part of all (for us at least) was making pie in a jar for Chris. We all hate Cherry Pie and Chris loves it. I saw a recipe by Lollychops on Our Best Bites for Pie in a jar and knew I found my answer. This project was absolutely perfect for my kids skill level, age and stage. It was challenging enough to keep them engaged but easy enough to have results to be proud of. Here's some pics:

One of the things I love most about A-Z is taking the time to let folks you love know how dear they are to you.

Have a great weekend everyone. Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day, the Olympics or Chinese New Year, make time to make it special.


All of my Todays said...

What a beautiful idea. x

Maggi said...

Bioshock rules! lol

What an awesome idea, I'm sure he loved every bit of it!

Happy Valentine's!

Claudette said...

love the cherry pie idea in a jar....wish I was home in my kitchen.
Happy Valentine's Day to your and your family.

Mel said...

What a terrific thing to do and wow, those pies are so CUTE! What a neat idea.

Sarah said...

Awwww what a nice thing to do for Dad x I don't like cherry pie either, but they look delicious enough to make me want one :)

Cheryl Valadez said...

What a terrific idea! Love that the letter "e" craves food, blood, and flesh...LOL!! That cracked me up ;D Also, those cherry pies in the jars look tasty!