Friday, February 26, 2010

Health Update

Saw Dr. Awesome on Wednesday and I'm free to do as I please until my next visit in two months. I'm healing ahead of schedule, the mega-scar closed nicely and everyone continues to be in awe of my ability to feel my once dead big toe a mere ten minutes after waking from surgery.


As for the rest, the swelling, bruising, muscle fury etc. should die down about four months post-surg and the back pain should be 80% relieved by one year. That's a little different than I had it figured. Frankly I would have kept a numb toe and taken the pain relief first if anyone asked - they didn't.

But I am allowed back in the hot tub. Yippee. I was able to reduce my meds significantly as soon as I got my "tools" back.

While it's really nothing to fuss about, I am battling a nasty bug that involves a fever, mild cold and flu ick and a creeping rash that is intent on ruining my days and nights. I am SO itchy and whenever my skin touches something that bit welts up something fierce. In addition to itching, I feel sunburned. Ugh. It's so minor compared to everything else, but so are gnats - and those little buggers are annoying!

Last night between pain and itching I didn't get to sleep until after five this morning. My lovely family let me sleep 'til nine so I don't feel near so bad as I should. Hopefully tonight will be a lot better.

My, that was a lot of whining. My apologies.

Happy Things:

* This is the start of E fortnight ; E is a tricky minx - we'll have to brainstorm a little harder this time or else we'll eat edamame daily, listen to Eddie Vedder and Elvis and call it good.

* I'm considering the Eat Real Food Challenge from March 1st -15th. You can read about it here and here. It seems like an admirable E endeavor. Plus it's not a giant stretch for us as we have been moseying in that direction anyhow.

* I finished A Clash of Kings - a thousand page book in under a week. What amazes me is that aside from a sleepless night, the book was read three to five pages at a time. I think I may have forgot that parenting doesn't exclude reading, it just means you need to work a little harder and remember to steal those moments. The author has slowed down/halted his production on the series and different factions of my circle of friends have both encouraged me to continue with the series and cautioned me against committing to roughly five thousand pages of a story only to be left hanging by an ending that may never come. I was too intrigued to not read Book Two, but I think the break between two and three was "comfortable" enough for me to wait a bit before soldiering on. I think I might read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See next. I've heard good things.

* Thank you to everyone who came by my blog on Wednesday. I had 341 unique visitors. Wow and again, thank you so much for stopping by.


Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

So glad to hear you're on the road back :)

My boys think that E should be about Eating Easter maybe we need the real food challenge! They've found a way to junk food with every letter!

MaryC said...

Endive, eggplant and Etch-a-Sketch come to mind for E. I might just go and buy an Etch-a-Sketch for therapeutic reasons.
I am glad you are doing so well. Just be careful...I know you.

Cheryl Valadez said...

So happy that your doing so well after your surgery. Just think, in a few months you'll feel feel like a new person :D

As soon as you mentioned "E", I thought of Eddie Izzard. Are you familiar with him? He's my absolute favorite comedian. He's not for the kiddos as he is quite fond of the F word. Maybe you should consider him when you hit "F" next...LOL! Sorry, I know I'm being tacky. I'll behave now ;D

Jenna Bayley-Burke said... I'm looking at the eat real food thing...but meat and dairy...which y'all don't do...I don't know if I can get around those two. And the farmers markets aren't open yet...

maybe I'll just un-package us for the month :D

Mima said...

So pleased to hear that it all went well at the hospital. It may sound like a long way off to the year, but it will come around so quickly for you.

I can totally understand how something little can be annoying, and a bug is rarely something little. Itching like that would drive me nuts - I sometimes get itching with one of my painkillers (no knowing which time it is going to be though), and I am straight on the anti-histamines to stop it. Is it like a bug bite & the more you itch the more it itches? Hope not. I'm sending healing thoughts that it clears quickly!

Jenna's boys have to be right, E is Easter Candy, and I have already tucked into some cadburys Mini Eggs courtesy of Kerry - yummy!! I'm going to try a series called eing (E)rica which I haven't watched before so fingers crossed it is good!!

Amy said...

Just getting to my Blog Reading since I was sick with a minor cold too! Hope you feel better soon so you can get back to the real recovery! Although, it sounds like you're doing an amazing job with that. Keep Enthusiastic and Energized!!

Chiot's Run said...

Hope you'll join us for the Real Food Challenge! Thanks for mentioning it!

Glad to hear you're doing well. Hope the healing goes quickly.