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Crepe Paper Ornaments

Crepe Ornament
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Hey Everyone, ready for Christmas?

When I saw Juliet Marsh's ornaments made from crepe streamers in the December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors I just had to give them a try. I have to warn you in advance, they aren't simple and they're really addictive you just want to make more and more and more of the things. I made a couple of minor adjustments to her directions to suit my own way of doing things. 

In Progress

(See. I meant a lot!)

Here's what you need:

Cut your streamers into five foot lengths and trim one of the long edges with decorative scissors. I found this worked best if I folded the crepe up into about a foot-long piece :
Step One- Streamers and Thread

Whip Stitch the long, straight edge:
Whipstitch Crepe

I like to load the needle as it seems to support the delicate crepe better:
load the needle

You'll end up with something like this - pretty:

Un-twist your crepe snake and pull the thread until you get a circle. This is tricky, don't hulk out and pull your knot right through the whole thing. Did it. Don't recommend it. Take your time on this step.
Pull into circle

Tie a Knot to secure your thread. Don't stress about this step, there is more securing coming up:
Tie a Knot

See, all gathered and knotted. You may need to squish and flatten it a bit to get it to look right.
Gathered and Knotted

Get out your Podge (or glue of choice):
Get out your Podge

And brush glue around the center gathers. This gives your ornament a lot more structure and support. Now it won't come apart. Yay!
Glue it up!

Gently spray some glimmer mist or whatever spritzable dye you use on your ornament. Don't forget this stuff is basically toilet paper weight and we all know what happens when you mix TP and fluids. Don't use much spray. Hold your hand far away. A little is plenty!
Spray carefully with color mist

Let your ornament dry completely. It really doesn't take long at all. I promise. 

Brush the face of your ornament with a little Mod Podge. Don't stress about covering it all or being perfect. Just slap a little bit on:
Dry completely then brush with Mod Podge

Sprinkle with glitter:
Sprinkle with glitter

Now do the sides:
Now do the sides

Glitter and Shake! Shake! Shake!
Shake it out

Instead of clear glitter, you can go monochromatic:

or contrasting

Allow to dry. Thread a ribbon through the center:
run ribbon through hole

Tie a Knot or bow. I use a knot if I'm hiding it in the hole for a "clean" looking hanger. I use a bow if I want a pouf at the top:
Tie a Knot or bow

Add a tag, journaling spot or decoration to the center and you're done:
On a tree

Pink Ornament

These are great for packaging treats:

or you can hang them in a window to showcase their gorgeous translucent qualities.
Shining Through

I plan to make some graffiti, Bombshell, Day of the Dead, absolutely, positively me-esque ornaments in the coming days and I'll post them here. All of these tags feature journal spots from Elle's Studio.

P.S. I have this rule that I have to make one project for each magazine I keep so expect to see a lot of "inspired by" posts in the near future.

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Kelly Jeanette said...

Those look like fun to make and are really beautiful. I wish I had time to do some. Besides, cat would just eat them too.

Dara Lynn said...

I think I am going to make a dozen to put on gifts...ya know... those "taggy" things:)

Janine Rachau said...

Super! Love these!!

Patti said...

Just adore these!! Very sweet!

Shar said...

Love your ornaments! Great tutorial! I'll have to give this a try!

Sharon said...

Very beautiful! I am going to make some.

Tiff said...

These are soooo fab! It was so cool to see them in person :) I love your tutorials, BTW!

Sharyn said...

love this one! I think it'll be fun for my 10 year old and I to do together

Jenn Erickson said...

They're beautiful! I love the way the glimmer mist and glitter add extra dimension, color and sparkle! So glad I saw your link-up over at Tatertots...

Jenn/Rook No. 17


these are beautiful , cant wait to make some for my tree this year , thanks for sharing your talent :) I appreciate it
georgia from ohio