Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the CupCards {to go} Kit Winner is...

Wow! Even at 10pt font you guys left 11 pages of comments in the last two weeks. Thank you SO very, very much. I'm honored that you would pop in and say hi.

I decided to go with a very high-tech randomizer. LOL.

That is one GIANT mason jar. It holds about 12 servings of soup.

Look! No snow!

And the winner of the CupCards {to go} kit is...

Smilyn Stef @ Ingenious Inkling

And the other two prizes got to

Lisa @ (check out her new website!)

I'm also sending a prize on to Stephanie of Pink Star Creations as she played along in the One Sheet Wonder Challenge.

Winners: please send my your mailing addresses... and don't assume I already have it... I can be a bit of a airhead with remembering where I filed contact info :-)

Thanks again to all of you for the comments celebrating my three year Blog Birthday. It really touched my heart reading all the sweet things you said about my recipes and crafts. 


What do you like to see most on this blog? An eclectic mix of things? Recipes? Crafts? Accessible, doable projects or fun to look at artsy stuff? Sewing? Organizing? Home Dec? Long rants about how Gen-X is the best generation and how music died with Kurt Cobain? Puppies? 

Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Rebecca Geile said...

I got my package of goodies in the mail! Thanks so much for your generosity! My favorite thing to see on blogs is new ideas or techniques I can do with supplies that I already have on hand.

Stephanie J said...

Wow - thank you!!!! You've totally got me hooked on OSW's! And as far as things on your blog go, I love it the way it is; it's kind of exciting never knowing exactly what's coming when Google Reader says you've posted - but always knowing that whatever it is, it'll be awesome!

PS - Apparently Valley Girl isn't available on the Canadian Netflix... so I haven't seen it yet...but I'll be looking for it!!!

Lindsey said...

I'm not your typical reader (I'm not so crafty), but I know I would sure enjoy the Gen-X rants. ;)

No complaints, though. You make everything interesting to read about, even the stuff I'm not "into"! said...

I love everything about your blog!!! But I have to admit, my favorite thing is your cake project! I'm always looking for new dessert recipes so I just devour these recipes!
Star Hughes Living

Mitralee said...

I vote you keep it all up. I enjoy the unexpected content! And the awesome photos!

Eileen Bergen said...

Darn, I missed this contest.

I'm just getting back to visiting my favorite blogs after being ill.

I missed not seeing your posts, Nicole. Please keep doing what you're doing.

P.S. I finally got the right kind of hem tape and will be attempting the pretty ruffled ribbon again. Yay!

Renee said...

Congrats to the winners! That is awesome! 'Looking forward to visiting and sharing at your blog, Nicole! Congrats to you, too!

SmilynStef said...

How exciting is that ... I clicked over here to get your black bean soup recipe & the banana tres leche cake and find out I'm a winner ... sweet ... what a great way to end the day.

Lisa - papergrace said...

How exciting!! I'm one of those people who just doesn't win stuff, as in ever!! How fun to see my name listed as a winner of ANY kind. Yippee! :) Thanks so much, Nicole.

Carmen said...

In answer to your question... all of the above! :P Love everything and I always enjoy a good rant!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I LOVE everything about your blog! That's what hooked me when I first came. I liked the art, the cooking, the life lessons and the kids. Just everything. I wouldn't change a thing.