Friday, August 19, 2011

Dresser Renovation: Before and After

I have a bad history of buying furniture at yard sales or Goodwill (DI) and then stashing it away in my basement indefinitely. Isn't that terrible?

It's just a whole lot of work to refinish something and my plate feels painfully full already. I'm just not one of those bloggers who refinishes a table in the afternoon and then paints her front door that evening. Never will be. I'm clumsy and prone to spills - things never go as planned. Never

Which is why I'm so pleased to have a furniture before an after to share. It's rare as unicorn tears.

Since I'm confessing, my husband and I haven't had a dresser since our house burned down in 1997. We've had several homes, several cars, several a-whole-lot-of-things, but never a dresser. It just failed to be a priority - especially after making do for fourteen years. So when I saw a dresser and end table set (end tables! We haven't had those since '99 when a homebuyer wanted us to throw ours in with the house) at DI for $55.00 I brought it home.

It was in rough shape. See.



Can I show you my favorite part one more time? Check out the snazzy drawer lining. Me and The Podge got up close and personal. Viva la gift wrap!

Doesn't it totally remind you of this:

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Stephanie J said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! You're lucky I don't live closer, 'cause that could mysteriously disappear one night.... lol! Is that the 'crafty project' Mr. Maki injured his wrist working on?

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful!!! We have been married 27 years and have never had a bedroom set.

All your hard work paid off! I'm not one of those bloggers who can do a million things either! said...

You did a great job. Love the bright color!
Saw you on Whipperberry.

chksngr said...

I love that looks amazing!

grrlpup said...

I love everything about it-- the colors, the stripes, the cubby in the middle, everything! :)

MaryC said...

Amazing transformation! I love the green, as you know. It looks fabulous!

Ginaj said...

Gorgeous! Love the green!

Aubrey said...

That is AMAZING!!! love it!

Barbara said...

Terrific job that you did on that dresser!

Hugs XX

Sarah D said...

I love it, Nicole! I love refinishing furniture, too... And will be able to do it again some day. :)

Elizabeth R. said...

Holy Cow! I am bowing in AWE! What an incredible transformation! Beautiful! I am always picking up items to turn into something else and never do. Like the ugly mauve color rocking chair on my front porch that would look so great in another color, but I am too lazy.