Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Side Table and Occasional Table Before and Afters

We've been working hard on our Master Bedroom. I can't wait to show you the pictures of how it all comes together. But first, I have a few more pictures of furniture we've refinished.

Side Tables: Before


Before: I seriously wish I'd snapped a shot when we starter sanding and discovered the lumps in the paint were actually hand painted pictures of fruit. Oh my!

Yeah... I painted it silver. So awesome!!!

I'm so excited to show you our Master Bedroom redo. It's really coming together. If you missed the first post featuring the dresser you can see it HERE

Personal Note: Things have gone rather badly for me health-wise and that steep decline has lead to a precipice and a long obstacle strewn drop leaving me a broken, crumpled mess at the bottom. This morning I'm returning to the pain clinic and resuming my ranks among the chronically pain afflicted (Spoonies of the world, Unite!). Maybe they can find out what is causing the difficulties I'm having - could be the herniated disc, the bone disease, maybe the back surgery scarring is all the fuss... Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of things or if not that, they can help with pain management. Either way, push has come to shove and I'm heading back down the path with the scary men and big needles.  I'll be the girl carrying a plate of cupcakes and decorating the path with cute banners and a sugar skull for two. If you see me there, be sure to say hello.


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chksngr said...

LOVE your projects...I've been on the prowl for a dresser for Jayden at the Redo store...I'm so inspired to redo a piece of furniture!

Girl, you are so brave. Please take care of your brave self...I will be praying for the hands of the doctors to be sure and swift and for your pain to be gone quickly!

Godelieve said...

Wow, beautiful work!!

MaryC said...

I have been praying for you every day. I will continue to do so. Please do your best to be an obedient patient. Take care of you so you can get better.