Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turning Scraps into Card Sets

Go-to Girl and paper crafter extraordinaire, Betsy Veldman, posted a great way to process your scraps of patterned paper into cards and I decided to give it a try while I'm resting.

Check out her post HERE for the details. Basically you cut them into strips, attach them to a base and then cut the completed base into card fronts. She describes it much better and with gorgeous photos so click that link!

At the end of the day I had emptied about eighteen bags of leftover kit bits and made forty-four card front bases. From there, I added a bit of ribbon, a sentiment, a little embellishment and had nineteen cards ready to send in under and hour and a half. How awesome is that???

I didn't have scraps quite as large as Betsy's so I cut my bases (sometimes out of card-weight patterned paper) to 5 x 4.25. I also included any border strips I had leftover - they added a little flair.

Once the strip-sheets were complete, I trimmed them down to card front size - a little smaller so the card base provides a nice border - and then went through all my ribbon scraps, attaching them wherever they matched. I'm ashamed to admit the enormous amount of four to six inch pieces of ribbon I had saved over the years. Oh my!

Here's a Western Set I made:

It's nice to have a masculine card on hand - they're so hard!

Did I mention the number of stacked and held together with a brad flowers I had stored... for years and years and years... incredible!

 One thing to bear in mind, your auntie won't know if the paper is old or if brads aren't really your thing or if Bazzil paper flowers are something you've tired of. She'll just know that you cared enough to drop her a note and she'll love you for it. So don't stress if some of those scraps are drenched in Chestnut Roan chalk ink. It's no biggie.

I'll leave it at the first ten cards. It's probably enough for one post. LOL

P.S. My health has really stalled on the decline so prayers are appreciated. I'll share more once I figure out what sort of path to take.


Helena Davey said...

Pretty! Love the one with the buttons. Hoping you feel better soon!

Eileen Bergen said...

This is you resting, Nicole? You made forty-four card front bases in a day?!

They're lovely and what a terrific way to use up those pretty paper scraps. Thanks for sharing.

MaryC said...

Wow! You're down and creating and I can't even color in my doodles!
These cards are awesome. I love them.
Is there anything I can do for you?
Really. Anything?
Of course I will pray but if you think of anything, holler.

Patti P. said...

I love each of your cards! You inspired me to clean out at least one storage bag of bits & pieces today. I will keep praying for you to feel better each day! Take care...