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Homemade Two-Step Stamps from Stencil or Free-Hand

I 'm thrilled to be able to share with you a second tutorial for Two-Step Stamps that I made for Balzer Designs. This one shows you how you can use stencils for your image as well as free-hand drawings. Click here for the first two-step stamp post, the original tutorial has different images and ideas.

The idea to make simple foam stamps with matching acrylic style doodle outlines came to me while I was drooling over Claudine Hellmuth’s Creative Layers stamps ( gorgeous!) and shortly afterwards I saw a great tutorial on the Craftzine blog for ‘no carve acrylic style stamps’ made with plexiglass and silicone.

I combined the two ideas and came up with my own DIY Two-Step Stamps.

What you’ll need is plexiglass, silicone caulking, basic craft tools and a stencil (optional)

Take your plexiglass, decide on the size of base you want to cut and then score it several times with an craft blade. Next, hold the scored-line against the edge of your table and WHACK IT really hard. For my second batch I bought thinner plexiglass then suggested and it snapped with ease while still being rigid enough to stamp with.

You'll need two plexiglass bases for each layered stamp set; one for the foam stamp, one for the silicone.

To Make a Stamp Set Using a Stencil:

Choose a stencil with an image that fits your base. I got this set at the Dollar Store as it has great stamp-style images

Trace the stencil onto your sticky back foam and cut out. Trim as close to the image as you like, I prefer to leave a little space around the edges. “5: Trace and Cut Out:”

Attach foam to base. If using sticky-backed foam, peel the paper backing off and stick it on the plexiglass. If you’re using the thicker foam, glue it to the plexiglass with Aleene’s Tacky Glue and let it dry overnight.  

For the silicone step, trace your stenciled image onto scrap paper and place the matching-size base over top. Trace the pattern in silicone. Let dry over night. The type of silicone I use says, “shower ready in three hours” but I let it dry longer.

Tip: If you’ve tested your foam stamp on paper, don't lay your plexiglass over your stamped image for the silicone step as it'll come out backwards because your outlining the mirror image. I did... not good.

Now have fun stamping. Brush paint on the foam stamps and then once it's dry use paint or ink on the outline stamp. I love using Staz-On ink with the silicone stamps.

To Make a Stamp Set Using Your Own Hand Drawn Image:

The method for hand-drawn layered stamps is basically the same but instead of copying the stencil you draw your own image and transfer it to the paper side of your sticky-backed foam.

And here is how it all comes together in my ‘Out of the Journal’ finished piece:

And here is another project I made with the banner stamp:

(click HERE for more pics of this project)

Tips and Trouble Shooting:

* Ink goes on to the silicone better if you rub fine sand paper over it very gently.

* Wash these carefully - they aren’t as durable as manufactured stamps.

* I’ve had a few silicone pieces come loose when rinsing. It seems to occur where my line of silicone was too narrow. But, when I’ve let them air dry they reattached.

* Repairs or additions to your image can be made at any time, just add more silicone.

* To make three-step stamps create your foam background layer and silicone outline. Then make a third layer of designs to fill the outline. For example, with the banner I could make a layer to add stripes or polka dots to each pennant.

* Choose versatile shapes and make multiple silicone toppers. A rectangle could have a matching high rise layer but also serve as a text block (remember to mirror your writing so it’ll be oriented correctly when stamped), bricks, a border design, presents etc.

Hope you try making these, they're a lot of fun and the possibilities really are endless.

Warmly, Nicole

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your art journal is amazing!!! (and the stamps idea is great too!)

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Very cool! I am going to have to give this a try! I've been dying for some more personal artwork in our house!

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Great tutorial! I love the effect you get from the stamps you made.

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you are so crazy talented

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Wow!!! Your altered art projects are amazing! Thanks for the fabulous and inspiring tutorial! ~ Blessings