Friday, October 14, 2011

Handmade Canvas Art Journal: Dina Wakley Style

This is the second project in my self-styled "Dina Camp" (that I talked about extensively on my first project here) where I am working through all four of her projects from Somerset Workshop. I was very intrigued by this one as I've never attempted making my own art journal and I knew Dina Wakley would make sure it was both awesome and useable.

What surprised me most was how straight forward and simply it all came together. I made this late at night and had nothing short of pure fun. Gotta love that!

I haven't decided if I'm going to art journal in it or make a "brag book" style photo album. Either way, I know it'll be called into action soon.

Poe and all the punchinella are from Gauche Alchemy and the wonderful wings are Bombshell Stamps.


Can I have a proud mama moment? My youngest son is very creative and he is either doing crafts, baking or assembling miniature explosives (don't ask) with the bulk of his free time.

The last two days have been occupied with him making more wands then Olivander's, and what is all the cooler - they're made from a sheet of typing paper and a glue gun. Crazy!

Aren't they AWESOME?

The tutorial can be found at Instructables and come from the wonderful website Dad Can Do.

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Karenliz said...

Beautiful journal! Love Dina Wakley's style!

Carmen said...

Those wands are AMAZING!

As is the journal - I may have to check out that magazine. Both your projects so far are fabulous. By the way... you pretty much share a vying top spot position on MY list that Dina shares on yours :D

JAMIE said...

wow! both projects are awesome!!! i would never have guessed the wands were made out of paper!! great job!

Bonita Rose said...

NICOLE, your journal is amazing.. would love to know how u put it all together.. love it.. thks for visiting my blog today, and did u know? I sell punchanella in my shop on etsy! Love the stuff!

Renee said...

Awesome projects, Niki! Thanks so much for sharing!!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Hi Nicole! I came by to reply to your comment on my recent GA write up- I am so glad I did because I can't believe I haven't followed your site yet!
Here's what I want to post as a reply back on GA if I knew how to reply to comments:
NO. WAY. Nicole! It's clobberin' time if you ask me! Frankly your work is interesting & ground breaking because of those very motifs! I have added you to my awesome chicas list- so annoyed at myself that I didn't do it for this post." :)

LOVE this journal- the painted butterfly wings and the canvas backing are such a great combo- I promised myself I would take Dina's class next time she was in NYC. LOVE the stitching- it's perfect!

Lotus said...

Wonderful journal! I pinned it! ; ) And your son IS AWESOME!!! Love the wands!

Christie Otts said...

My boys would love those wands!! So fun!

Tammy said...

Those wands are just fabulous! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

Michelle {Fun On A Dime} said...

My son would love to make those wands! This is awesome!

Thanks for linking up!

Sparkly Engineer said...

The journal is absolutely kewl. And the wands are indescribaly awesome. He could sell those for big $ at sci-fi/fantasy conventions or maybe ebay.