Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brown Paper Packages: Bonita Rose

My mom-in-law and Dad-in-law sent Chris and I birthday-birthday-anniversary money and I decided to use a portion of it to buy things from artists I admire and am inspired by.

One of those artists is Bonita Rose, she makes the most gorgeous stuff. She recently started a monthly club called Brown Paper Packages. Look:

Cool, eh?

I had no idea what to expect when my package arrived. First I opened up this:

And then I discovered ALL of this. WOW. What a deal.

This is totally up my alley. Here's a few gifts I wrapped at Christmas - do you see how the kit contents (which are very similar to what I had in December) can be used so easily and so well?

Glassine bag, tag, ribbon 

Doily stencil (sit stencil on lunch bag, spray with mist), bag and large accent 

Glassine bag, trim, tag

Here's some art by Bonita Rose, be sure to stop by and let her know how beautiful her work is:

She has a creative newsletter too.

P.S. I bought this kit with my own money and no prompting from anyone. I just wanted to share a great thing I found online in case you've missed it.


Bonita Rose said...

Nicole, thks for the shout out... so glad you loved your first kit.. it was fun putting it all together this month! Hugs to you xo

chksngr said...

I love her aesthetic...her pictures and her art are all very consistently bright and beautiful and creative. And this idea of a gift wrapping kit club is BRILLIANT!