Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mixed Media Hearts

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I got incredibly sick and am only recovering now.  We were all so ill that the ingredients for Christmas dinner rotted in the fridge - that's sick! My DH took eleven days off for us to finally have a vacation and we spent the whole thing in bed or on the couch. To top it off, I took a truly impressive crash yesterday (where is one of those helmet cams when I need one - it would have got a bazillion hits on YouTube. LOL) and re-injured my broken/sprained/torn ligament left foot (it's HUGE), bruised my palm (it's brown/black), injured my shoulder and skinned the heck out of my knee.

And I spilled my Izze... grapefruit... I was REALLY looking forward to it so hopefully my sweetheart will hook me up with one tonight. *grin*

Anyhow... unlike last injury I'm trying to stay active and creative even though I hurt like Hades. So I started back at working my way through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's wonderful It's Sew Easy Mixed Media Sewing Class.  Please don't judge her class based on the quality of my projects... I'm really not-so-hot at sewing and need to take several cracks at the simplest things. Fortunately, I make up for it with fearlessness and color.

Wouldn't these be great for One Little Word? Any of you doing OLW this year? Leave me a comment telling me what word you picked. I love hearing everyone's choices.

Speaking of bandwagons *grin* I've been doing Project Life for a few months but haven't posted any of it because I read daily backlash about how everyone is sick as hell of seeing everyone else's pages. Am I right to keep these off the blog or would you like to see them?

IMHO, I'm tired of everyone using the exact same configuration (Becky Higgins "Design A") so I use the We R Memory Keepers mixed divider packs. It keeps it interesting and challenging. They look like this:
Then I just add random crap supplies from my stash like painted paper and wash tape. It's fun and not too daunting. So please, weigh in on if I should post these or keep them to myself. My feelings won't be hurt.

Wow! I've missed you and I've missed this. More to follow and love to everyone. 


donna!ee said...

so sorry to hear you've been sick & injured BUT so glad all is on the mend. i'd like you to share a glimpse into your project life. really diggin your mixed media the colors & content. 2012 perspective for me OWL is harmony AND my hymn is It Is Well With My Soul AND my Scripture is Mark particular verse 34. know you are prayed for & supported, always! :)

Unknown said...

sorry to hear you fell!

love the little hearts. and I didn't know people were complaining about seeing PL. I like seeing it! I bought Becky's mix of page protectors b/c I thought I'd like the mix, but it does require a little more think time. I like in your set the one with 12 4x4's. I wish Becky's had one like that.

Mitralee said...

My one little word is bedrock and it's on a blog post of mine somewhere! Love your hearts and dad to hear you got hurt! I enjoy anything you share!

milkcan said...

Love the hearts! Especially the pretty contrast stitching!

Carmen Wing said...

Oh no :( What rotten luck. Hope you manage to have a belated Christmas of some kind!

I didn't pick a word - I picked a quote and will be trying to live up to that this year:

Love your little hearts and yes, I for one would love to see your project life (or your version of) as I'm trying to do something similar but also just cobbling it together.

Unknown said...

Okay. So. I can't get over the fact that you spilt your grapefruit Izzy. My FAVORITE!!! lol ... It's still bothering me....

SuzieQ said...

Post away girl - if people don't want to see they don't have to look. Can you ever see enough crafty stuff???? ;)