Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Life Pages

Thanks for the feedback on Project Life. 

Please excuse the horrible pictures, it's really hard to photograph through page protectors and with my mangled body I'm not terribly bendy right now. 

December 26 - January 1st

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We didn't do anything but lay on the couch moaning and watching TV so I thought I'd include pics of the shows we watched. Brayden made a bunch of origami throwing stars so I slipped one in the pocket.

On the other side, is a very simple scrapbook page to show the pictures I took for a photo challenge I'm participating in. All the pictures had fun text and frames so I wanted to keep it very clean and focused on the photos.

To make a collage like this I use a tool called Comic Life. I just drop the photos onto an 8.5x11 space and move them around until they fit well. Then I print them and cut the pictures apart and rearrange them in a pleasing way.

And here's another one:
11/28 - 12/4

You can see another way I use Comic Life at the top left of this page. Here's a close up:
I wanted to include Trenton's NaNoWriMo finisher certificate and his volunteer log for November so I inserted a letter sized page protector between the two pages.

Here's a closer look at the advent collage:


Unknown said...

these look great! a fun mix of photos and other good stuff!

BettyAnn Maki said...

Nice work Nicole,
You the best.
Love you.

Mitralee said...

Need my pc so I can really check all this out! Looks really cool though!

Carmen Wing said...

Now this is MY kind of scrapbooking! Love these pages Nicole, so inspiring!

Kristen H said...

Just spent quite a while here.. looking at the gorgeousness that you create! What an amazing inspiration you are! Thank you for putting it all out here!

Mitralee said...

oh Nichole, I KNEW IT!!

I thought I saw spoons!!! Are you going to blog about some of those projects or did I miss them during the holidays???

Great job, I had a fun time zooming in and eye balling everything!

Francine said...

I am trying my own version of Project Life this year so thank you for the wonderful ideas!