Sunday, March 4, 2012

List Four: Thing I'll Put Off Until Tomorrow

This page was a little bit tricky. I wish I would have taken a photo before I fixed it up so you could have seen it. I had all the purple and orange drips you can still see but for some unknown reason the page also had LOTS of black and dark gray sections. It was very morose and Halloween-esque. 

So I used my palette knife and smeared gesso over the worst sections - you can see some of the dark grey stars showing through on the lower right hand page - and then once it dried I glued a paper doily (right edge) over the splotch. It was VERY white so I rubbed red and teal pan pastel over it to bring out the texture and knock down the color a bit.

Much brighter. Much better :-)

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Bonita Rose said...

Oh my... I love love this page too.. it's perfect!

Ohh Erin said...

So cute and colourful - my favourite list yet!

Maggi said...

Sometimes mistakes lead to the best results in the end! lol Love this!

Anonymous said...

this looks great!

Kathi said...

Great list. I love the page!