Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toys and Tools to Try: 30 Lists

I'm four lists behind right now. *sigh* As soon as I grasped that I was going to be missing eleven lists due to our vacation I sort of lost my mojo. Which is completely silly because the lists will be here when I get home.

But mojo is a fickle thing and it rarely responds to logic. So today I decided to get back at it and enjoy making all these luscious pages while I can and do the rest when I get back.

This was a fun topic as I adore tools. Not die cutting machine type of tools - blow torch types of things. It's fun to hammer, burn, pound, wreck and restructure raw materials until they're new and visually exciting. One of my favorite smells is grease - the kind that coats wire, not what you fry fish in - yeah, I'm weird like that.

The opposite page was one I made last August. I thought about going back into it and messing about. Adding some layers, making it integrate better. But that is where I was at and it's important to honor that too.

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Eileen Bergen said...

Congratulations, Nicole! This beautiful, wide-ranging blog has been chosen to receive the Versatile Blogger Award by Eileen at The Artful Crafter. Please hop over to pick up your award button.

I'm loving your lists. They're beautiful and thought-provoking. I've never turned on or used our BBQ either. I really should learn to do that!

Laura said...

I just had to comment on this list because I took a metalsmithing class last semester (haven't blogged about my pieces YET, lol) and it is so much fun to torch and hammer copper (one of my favorite things is to 'foldform' - literally, you torch and hammer, repeat many, many times until your metal looked like fabric. And of course, having taken a few Michael de Meng courses, I am now VERY familiar with the Dremel. and have added one to my arsenal. Have you gotten to play with any of your tools on your list? Keep on playing- been really enjoying looking at your work the past couple of day!