Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Painted Heart Whole-Cloth Quilt

When I was working on my Dress Quilt I was really worried that the assignment was going to be WAY too hard for me to tackle so I made this heart quilt as a back-up project. My thought being if the dress is impossible I could at least work out the stitching. 

This was a nice, simple, mildly reminiscent of Van Halen sort of design that really popped once I added the stitching.

And more importantly, it gave me the confidence to make the dress project.

Remember, you can always take an run at a new technique in an easier way then it is presented. For example, try new paint or paper craft techniques on a tag, halve a recipe, make a pot holder instead of a quilt... gain a little confidence first, then you can bring your A-Game to your project.

P.S. Who thinks I'm going to be going back into this simple heart quilt and adding all sorts of messy fun stuff to it? Yeah... me too.


CathyR said...

That is so cool. Love the design.

Jenn :) said...

This is awesome!! Love the squiggly lines...so funky ;)

Di McDonald said...

Love these quilts and what a great idea....trying out your technique on something easy first...Love that!